Group Programs

Our team consists of dynamic, highly qualified and experienced professionals providing a wide range of psychological services that are broadly focused on three areas: Counselling (for individuals and groups), Assessment and Postnatal Depression.

Postnatal Depression Support Group

The Postnatal Depression Support Group is an eight week program for women who have had a baby in the past 12 months and feel that they are struggling to adapt to motherhood or have been diagnosed with post-natal depression (PND). The program is designed to equip mothers with information about PND and practical ways to reduce distress. Each group is two hours in length and free child care is provided for children under 12 months. Read more.

PALS Social Skills Group

The PALS Social Skills group is for children aged four to seven who are experiencing peer difficulties or could benefit from improved social skills. Skills include taking turns, sharing, identifying feelings, and managing frustration. The program is delivered in a variety of engaging ways, including the use of puppets, songs, and videos. The group runs for 10 weeks, with each session lasting for 30 to 45 minutes, including a parent education component so that each parent can receive brief feedback on their child's experience in the group and ways to reinforce these skills in the home.

Mindfulness Group

This eight-week group program aims to teach children/adolescents to reduce stress by increasing their mindfulness skills. Mindfulness is defined as “paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally, to the unfolding experience moment to moment”. Research increasingly suggests that mindfulness is associated with increased attention, emotional regulation, social skills, self-esteem, empathy and quality of sleep, as well as reductions in symptoms of stress, anxiety and low mood.

Friends for Life

Friends for Life is a program for children and adolescents aged 9 to 13 years who could benefit from improved coping strategies and resilience. This program teaches a wide variety of strategies, including relaxation, problem solving, and ways to navigate difficult peer situations. The program runs for 10 sessions of 50 minutes each. Parents receive feedback at the end of the program.

Secret Agent Society

Secret Agent Society is an innovative and award winning social skills program for children aged eight to 12 years. The program was originally designed for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder but may benefit any child who is experiencing difficulty with social skills. The program uses computer games in which children are detectives who must unravel the mystery of social interactions using clues. This program runs for 10 weeks with each session lasting for two hours and includes a 30-minute parent feedback component each week.